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Opera Diocesana di Assistenza Religiosa

ODAR, The Diocesan Organisation for Religious AssistanceODAR is a recognised religious organisation which manages holiday facilities for families, groups and people with disabilities on behalf of the diocese of Belluno-Feltre.
What makes these places special is the people staying there, who find a welcoming atmosphere and a vocation for sharing. These are also the characteristics of the staff, which comprises twenty-odd permanent members and around one hundred seasonal employees, whose work not only involves providing their professional skills, but also human ones.
For over fifty years, diocesan facilities have been promoting social inclusion and holidays for all, with attention for the more vulnerable and the needs of the individual.


Friends of the Disabled and Minors

The social promotion association "Amici dei disabili e dei minori" (Friends of the Disabled and Minors) based in Belluno at 11, Piazza Piloni, is the result of ODAR’s experience and hosts volunteers in its facilities, who provide the real added value in our guests’ holidays.
The mission of members is to donate some of their time to welcoming and caring for more vulnerable people, putting people, not their problems, first. Each year around 300 people, both youngsters aged 16 and upwards and adults, all take part in the service camp "Un'estate volontariamente" (Summer Volunteering) at Villaggio San Paolo and Villa Gregoriana. It allows them to play an active role in hospitality and to learn how to care for others. During August and the Christmas holidays at Villa Gregoriana, the assistance service "SuperAbili Insieme" (surmountable together) is also offered, giving volunteers and disabled people the chance to share opportunities for growth as well as day-to-day life.
The Association is open to anyone who wishes to offer their enthusiasm within a community spirit!

  • Administrative Manager


    Born in 1980, I graduated in engineering and am passionate about cycling and the Dolomites. I have been the Administrative Manager since 2008.
    Before coming to work for ODAR, I was a member of its animation staff for a number of years, and also stayed as a guest on several occasions.
    I have two goals: to ensure that the feeling of wonder from those experiences in my youth is rekindled every day in my routine work on site, and to work on this “terrain” of ours to ensure it remains just as fertile for many more guests to come. The first goal is within my reach; the second is the direction we walk in every day.

  • Villaggio San Paolo (Cavallino-Treporti,VE)


    Since 2016 he has been at the helm of what is, in terms of history and size, the group’s mothership. He does so with all of the enthusiasm of those riding on “the shoulders of the giants” and can see the horizon in the distance.
    A constant motivator of his team, he is passionate about hospitality and his work. He believes in attention to detail, because the guest’s satisfaction always comes first.
    He dreams of a Villaggio which enhances its roots whilst continuing to find innovative solutions for inclusive hospitality.

  • Lumen (Falcade,BL)


    Originally hailing from Trieste, he represents yet more proof of the strong bond that exists between Trieste’s coast and the Dolomites.
    Have you ever heard of mountain climber Emilio Comici? Together with his wife Alessandra, he decided to move to Falcade to spend much of the year there, enjoying skiing in winter on the world’s finest pistes, and the views of the UNESCO Agordino Dolomite peaks in the summer.
    In doing so, he came across Lumen and has stayed with it from the outset. Perhaps it is not a coincidence, after all, that Lumen is located in Via Trieste. Of himself and his staff, he says: "We like to welcome guests with a smile, to pamper them, take care of them and make them happy: that is what we are here for."

  • Associazione Amici dei Disabili e dei Minori


    He is our spiritual assistant, President of the Volunteers and Member of the Board of ODAR. You might be forgiven for thinking that nothing around here happens unless Don Sandro wants it to but luckily, he knows how to place his trust in his staff.
    In the front line at Villaggio San Paolo, in spite of the complex relationship that those who hail from the highlands usually have with the sea, he safeguards the organisation’s purpose, and in particular works alongside the hundreds of volunteers who come to our facilities for an experience of service, inclusion and community life.
    A fearful adversary when it comes to karaoke, he moves effortlessly between sacred arias and the hits of Riccardo Cocciante.


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